Download SHAREit 2022 for all Devices

Download SHAREit 2022 for all Devices

Download SHAREit 2022 for all Devices

Download SHAREit 2022 for all Devices. Want to transfer your files from your cellphone to a laptop or vice versa but are lazy to take a data cable? The solution is to just use SHAREit. This app transfers files and folders via wifi. The transfer speed is claimed to be 200 times faster than the file transfer speed using a Bluetooth connection.

With transfer speeds that can reach up to 20 MB per second, large files will be copied or moved faster between your cellphone, laptop, tablet, and PC.

Only one year after its release in 2015, SHAREit has managed to get more than 870 million users worldwide. Two years later, that number swelled to more than 1.5 billion users and SHAREit also made it into the top 10 most downloaded apps globally on Google Play.

Before you proceed to download this file sending the application. It is better to know first the advantages and features of this SHAREit 2022. Check out our next article.

Features and Benefits of SHAREit 2022

The ease and speed of transferring files are two of the main advantages of SHAREit so that it is able to achieve high popularity in a relatively short time. The number of files that can be transferred is not limited.

No matter how many files you want to transfer, SHAREit can do it. What limits the number of files to be transferred is not SHAREit, but the remaining capacity on the storage media used.

All types of files can be transferred with SHAREit. Word documents, PDF files, presentation slides, ebooks, audio, videos, images, zip files, RAR files, applications, and so on. Files can also be transferred individually or in bulk. Files in several folders can be transferred at the same time.

Besides functioning as an application to transfer files, SHAREit also doubles as a music and video player application so that all audio and video files that you transfer to your cellphone can be played right away.

You can not only transfer files to your own device, but also to other people's laptops, tablets or cellphones who also use SHAREit. However, files can't be transferred right away. Parties invited to share files must first agree to the invitation. This confirmation step is intended to protect the security of every SHAREit user so that no one else can send files without permission.

Download SHAREit 2022 for all Devices, SHAREit is free, but it contains advertisements that may be a bit annoying for users when using the application. The addition of this ad is reasonable because SHAREit requires financial support to continue to be developed. For the sake of the commitment to continue to provide SHAREit for free, there is no other way for the developers other than to advertise to finance the development of SHAREit.

The existence of these ads also does not dampen the number of SHAREit users. The average smartphone owner does often transfer files, and SHAREit is considered capable of doing so with a much higher transfer speed than Bluetooth. Download the latest and free SHAREit 2022 for your device via the link below:

Download SHAREit 2022 for all Devices

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