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Download SHAREit For Windows

Download Shareit For Windows Latest Version

SHAREit is an application delivery and the recipient of the file or the document that is currently very popular. App SHAREit in demand by the world, due to the application SHAREit is very easy and fast to send files that are on your PC. Sending files and documents via the App SHAREit without having to turn on the Bluetooth.
Download Shareit For Windows
SHAREit For Windows
SHAREit is an application that is able to send and receive files and documents from various devices and to various other devices, which is developed by Lenovo.
With the Application SHAREit, You can send files and documents from your Android to PC or from Android to another Android, from iPhone to Android, and iPhone to PC.
App SHAREit is able to send files at a very fast speed of up to 60MB / sec. File transfer speed via the app SHAREit exceeds copy or move files via USB or Bluetooth.

SHAREit only needs the capital of a WiFi hotspot made in the smartphone / PC, you can send and receive files or documents without the cable very easily and quickly without reducing the quality of your files.
Good again, you don't need to worry about running out of internet quota when SHAREit is executed to send a file or document using a WiFi hotspot you. This is because SHAREit using source WiFi hotspot of his own.

The core features of the App SHAREit .exe is a file transfer from user to user without having to use cloud storage. You can share photos, videos, music files local, documents, and applications from one device to another. No matter what platform You use because SHAREit only communicates with other devices using SHAREit or between SHAREit to SHAREit.

Download Shareit For Windows

Excess Applications ShareIt

  • There are many advantages we can get when using the App SHAREit, namely:
  • The application of SHAREit for Windows has advantages in terms of speed of transfer of files or documents that can reach 60Mb/sec. And this is much faster than transfer via Bluetooth
  • The application SHAREit for PC has excess to transfer files or documents in the form of shapefiles, such as photos, videos, songs, applications, documents, and others
  • App SHAREit does not have a limitation of the file are sent either that format or the size
  • The application of SHAREit for Windows has an excess of interesting that at the time of its use without the use of internet data, only use wifi on our devices
  • App SHAREit can be used for all devices like hp, tablet, PC, laptop during these devices also use the App SHAREit
  • App SHAREit can also be used in a variety of operating systems (OS) such as Android, windows, windows phone and IOS
  • The application of SHAREit for Windows has the advantage can do the transfer simultaneously with up to 5 devices at once
  • The application SHAREit for Windows can automatically trace and connect the App Shareit who are active around
  • The application SHAREit for Windows will notify the full form of the size of the file sent, time, contacts are never connected in the history of the App SHAREit.

Shortage Of Apps SHAREit

  • Although the Application SHAREit for Windows has many advantages, still this app also has flaws in it. And following that there are deficiencies in the Application SHAREit for Windows.
  • The application of SHAREit for Windows cannot send data to a distant place such as email, SMS, and others
  • The application SHAREit for Windows can only be used when both devices are equally attached Application SHAREit.
  • The application SHAREit for Windows cannot transfer files or documents if one of the devices when in the offline state
  • The application SHAREit for Windows can only be connected and perform data transfer in the near distance that has been determined by the Application SHAREit.
  • For the user devices using the Operation System in the form of iOS then the App will use a data storage amounted to 29,6 MB and iOS should also be a version 6.0 to the top
  • Like any other application, the Application SHAREit for Windows also still has a gap so easily infected with the virus and the malicious software.
OS: Windows
License: Free
Developer: SHAREit

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