Download SHAREit For iOS Latest Version

Download SHAREit For iOS Latest Version

Download SHAREit For iOS Latest Version

Download SHAREit For iOS Latest Version is a much-needed application for those of you who frequently send/share files with other devices. With the help of shareit, we can quickly, easily, and securely send and receive all types of files without an internet connection.

This application, whose main function is sharing files, now has more than 1000 million users in all corners of the world. The number of users of this software is of course because it has advantages that other delivery applications do not have.

This software is even claimed to be capable of sending and receiving cross-platform files at speeds 200 times that of Bluetooth connections.

But that doesn't mean SHAREit doesn't have Bluetooth features, for those of you who use it on Smartphone devices. If the friend who will send a file does not have the shareit application. so when sending files, choose via Bluetooth, don't select via hotspot. For more details, read our article How to Transfer Files with SHAREit Through the Bluetooth Feature.

Apart from shareit for windows, for those of us who use smartphones, we can enjoy features other than sending files. Because when we open this software, we will see menus such as music, games, news, videos, and others

Main Features SHAREit

  • Speed Send:
    You can do the deliver files and documents from one device to your phone or PC to other devices, with speeds up to 3MB per second or 20MB per second. You also do not need to compress photo files, video, audio, and document when sending them to another device. Due to SHAREit will not reduce the quality of the file sent.

  • File Format:
    Usually, a specific operating system will limit the types of files or documents that are sent to other devices because of the safety factor. Then it can be resolved if You use SHAREit on your device because the app SHAREit is to allow all file types to be sent to other devices.

  • Security and mobility:
    the Application SHAREit is integrated with encryption technology to package the files and documents that You submit. Of course, this will help to protect your privacy when You send files like photos, videos, or other files of a personal nature. In addition, the Application SHAREit is available for all devices. You can also use the App SHAREit on PC devices and mobile phones, although between one device and another using a different operating system.

You can download the Application SHAREit for free on the Download link that we have provided. This app is compatible with the device operating system iOS latest version on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Excess SHAREit:

  • Support the transfer of all such things as photos, videos, songs, apps, and all forms of other files that are on your device.
  • No need to use a data cable, USB, Bluetooth.
  • No need to use internet data.
  • Using wireless own on the device.
  • Can be connected with various devices such as hp, tablet, laptop, PC, MAC which also uses software Shareit.
  • Supports transfer among many different operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows, Windows phones.
  • Support fast transfers to many devices up to 5 devices at once.
  • Support the Transfer of lots of files, folders, without limiting the format or size
  • Transfer speed reaches 20 MB / sec, faster than Bluetooth 200-fold.
  • Automatically track and connect quickly to devices in the vicinity.
  • Can choose your own avatar as well as username account SHAREit
  • Its capacity is very small less is just 5.6 MB for android.
  • 2-way Transfer, you can send can be received very quickly.
  • The appearance of a simple interface, making it easy to use.
  • Easy to send the invitation to friends via Bluetooth, Email, SMS.
  • Note the size of the fie has been sent, time sent, a list of contacts that never connected. effectively manage files that have been accepted or files that have been sent.

Disadvantages SHAREit:

  • App SHAREit can only work when the sender device and the recipient use the same App SHAREit.
  • Can't send and receive files if one of the devices the App SHAREit is in the offline status.
  • Can only connect and transfer files if in the near distance.
  • For IOS device users to consume up to 29,6 MB storage capacity in the memory condition must be IOS version 6.0 and above.
  • SHAREit there are still ads in it and other news that can affect the process of delivery.
  • This app does not support MAC OS X.
Download SHAREit For iOS Latest Version. In addition to the various advantages then SHAREit still there are some shortcomings but it is not a problem and also does not affect the speed of file transfers on SHAREit. then if you design to use the app SHAREit, I have provided a link to Download SHAREit For iOS Here.

Download SHAREit For iOS Latest Version

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License: Free
Developer: SHAREit

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