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Download SHAREit For PC Latest Version

Download SHAREit For PC Latest Version

SHAREit is an application that able to send and receive files and documents from various devices and to various other devices, developed by Lenovo, both PC devices and Mobile Phone devices. With the Application SHAREit, you can send from Android to Windows, from Android to Android, from Android to Mac OS, from Android, to iOS, from iOS to Android, from iOS to Windows, from iOS to Mac OS, from Windows to Android, from Windows to iOS, from Windows to Mac OS, and also not forget to users of Nokia Lumia can also share as long as such devices use the App SHAREit.
SHAREit is an application that is able to transfer the files at a very fast speed up to 60 Megabytes. This speed is exceeded the file transfer via Bluetooth can even be said to be 200 times faster. And also this speed is exceeded when it is copied and paste or move files via USB to the PC.
SHAREit only rely on the hotspot Were made in the smartphone/PC, you can transfer and receive files wirelessly very easily and quickly without reducing the quality of your files. Good again, you don't need to worry about running out of quota paid you when SHAREit file transfer using hotspot Were your device. This is because SHAREit has been designed specifically to use the hotspot Were his own.

Excess SHAREit

  • The speed of file transfer via SHAREit reach 60 Megabytes/sec.
  • SHAREit supports the Transfer of files such as photos, videos, songs, applications, documents, and others. Even SHAREit supports a transfer of files that may not be supported by Bluetooth.
  • Have no restrictions file that you want to transfer. Because SHAREit supports full file transfer until it reaches Terabytes. 
  • No need of quota is paid Because the Application SHAREit relies on the source of the hotspot Were that way automatically by SHAREit.
  • SHAREit Supports Installation in, Mobile, Tablet, iPad, PC, laptop. 
  • SHAREit also Supports installation in multiple operating systems (OS) such as Android, windows, WindowsPhone Mac OS, iOS and BlackBerry.
  • User tracking activated automatically around it.
  • Transfer information will also be given complete Information in the form of the size of the file sent, time and contact ever connected in the history of the App SHAREit.

Lack SHAREit

  • Can't transfer files to place a long distance such as email, SMS and other similar. Because SHAREit does not use the quota of paid.
  • Can only transfer files when both devices have the App installed SHAREit. 
  • If one of the Application SHAREit on your device in OFF it can't do file transfers to other devices.
SHAREit For on PC
SHAREit For on PC
For those of you who want to install the App SHAREit you can download at the link below:

Features Of SHAREit

Fitur Group Share, Fitur WebShare, Fitur Share Zone, Fitur Presentation Controller, Fitur WebShare, Fitur Share Zone, Fitur Presentation Controller, Fitur Play To, Fitur Duplicate File Manager dan Fitur Remote View.
To be more clear about anything uses and how to use the features of the App SHAREit you can read it here.
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