SHAREit Lite 2022 for Android Download Latest Version

SHAREit Lite 2022 for Android Download Latest Version

SHAREit Lite 2022 for Android Download Latest Version

SHAREit Lite 2022 for Android Download Latest Version, it's the same app, only lighter than the normal version of SHAREit or the one we're currently using. Many are looking for this Lite type of application not without reason. Sometimes until now, there are still many Android smartphone users with ordinary specifications. And this includes users all over the world

Therefore, many application developers release light versions for Android that have low specifications. If one of the developers ignores this, then he will lose to other applications that release the lite version.

Not much different from the SHAREit application that we are discussing, which has a light version and is offered by, "Smart Media4U, Technology Pte. Ltd".

For now, if you go to the Google Play Store, you will see that the lightweight version has a higher rating. That's when we compare it with the normal version.

This proves that there are still many users of Android smartphone devices with low specifications. Although there are some who have Android with high specifications, they use a light version of the application. They must have had their reasons.

Then is there any other difference, between the regular SHAREit and the lite version? To better understand the differences between these two versions, you can see the comparison that we provide below. Both from features and others.

Difference between SHAREit Lite and Regular SHAREit

In general, applications with light versions have been updated from the original version. This means that a lot of the content of the application is normally discarded, aiming to make it smaller in size, and can run normally on devices that have low specifications.


SHAREit with this regular version has many users and many already know every advantage it has. Check out the features it has, later we will compare it with the lite version.

  • File Sharing is very fast, this is already recognized by its users.

  • Can share applications that have been installed to other Android devices very quickly and do not require an internet network.

  • Anything we can share or send because this application supports all files that we will share.

  • We can install it on various plates, even though the features are different.

  • We can manage all the files in the android that we use, this is like a file manager.

  • Brother, one of the game players, just one click is enough to speed up the performance of the android device that you use to play games.

  • Can watch videos with very satisfying quality, online.

  • We can use this SHAREit application to play audio or video files, and it has a very beautiful appearance.

  • When it comes to user privacy, SHAREit says that they take very good care of it.

So, those are the features and a few advantages of this application that I wrote, aiming for us to compare it with the lite version. Well, now we will see what the SHAREit Lite version has.

SHAREit Lite 2022

You don't hesitate to use it, because this lite version of the application was also developed by the SHAREit team. And we can also use it with the regular version. I mean here we can send files from the SHAREit lite application to regular SHAREit. And vice versa, so don't think they are incompatible.

In addition, some of what we can enjoy in the regular version is not available in the lite version. For details, please see some points from SHAREit Lite below.

  • The size is very small when compared to the normal version of SHAREit. This is an advantage that only lite-type applications have.
  • File sharing, this is the same as the usual version.
  • When we use the lite version, ads will not appear, because the lite version is free from it.
  • Can connect with SHAREit Normal version.
  • The delivery quality is the same as the normal version.
  • For the file size that we will send, it is still the same as the normal version, not limited.
  • We can send the collection that we have to friends very easily, we can send the collection at once,

SHAREit Lite 2022 for Android Download Latest Version, here we can see, there are several features that the normal application has with the lite version. Indeed, if you want to experience all the features provided, you have to use the regular version. But if the android the minimal ram, this will cause problems when running this application.

So my advice, it's better for those of you who use devices with low specifications, it's better to choose the SHAREit Lite application. To get the installation file, please click the download button below.

SHAREit Lite 2022 for Android Download Latest Version

SHAREit Lite 2022 for Android Download Latest Version
Version: 3.4.76
Size: 21.1M
OS: Android
License: Free
Offered By: Smart Media4U, Technology Pte. Ltd.