Simple Ways to Save SmartPhone Battery

Simple Ways to Save SmartPhone Battery

Simple Ways to Save SmartPhone Battery

Simple Ways to Save SmartPhone Battery, the battery is one of the most important components in a smartphone. Because, without a battery, the smartphone will not be able to turn on, as well as if the battery has run out of power even though the capacity is very large.

Smartphone users must be observant in taking advantage of advanced features from cellphones or applications that drain battery energy. This doesn't mean we can't use the existing features, but this situation weighs on battery life.

To avoid cellphone battery power that runs out quickly, you can do various ways. Starting from stopping applications that waste battery power or using battery saver applications. We recommend here using the CLENEit application.

From the name, it can be seen that the CLENEit Application is a smartphone device cleaner. But in this software, there is a "Battery Saver" feature. Usually the application provides recommendations on what to do.

Let's say that your smartphone is equipped with a large enough battery power, I'll give an example here of 5000mAh. It could be that it lasts less than a day (with normal use). So it is obligatory to be smart in processing smartphones, especially if your battery capacity is minimal.

Simple Ways to Save SmartPhone Battery

Here are some ways to save cellphone battery that you can practice right away. This step can be done immediately by all users, Android or iPhone doesn't seem much different.

Use Battery Saving Mode

Every latest Android smartphone is now equipped with a battery saving mode feature. Your device will notify you when your battery is below 20 percent and suggest enabling battery saving mode as a workaround. Unless you're at home, turn on this feature to maximize your smartphone's battery when you're outside.

Even if you have 15 percent of your battery remaining, activating the Battery Saver Mode feature will add up to an hour longer than usual. You can also activate the battery saving feature from the start (when the battery is 100 percent for example), but some applications and phone features will usually be limited in operation according to the Battery Saving Policy of each vendor.

Set Auto Screen Brightness

Setting the screen brightness level to the maximum will certainly result in the smartphone battery draining. We recommend that you adjust the brightness level of the screen to the conditions where you are. If your environment is quite dark, set the screen brightness lower.

If you are a smartphone user who is very mobile or is often in outdoor and indoor areas, you should set the smartphone screen brightness setting automatically. That way you don't have to constantly change the screen brightness level.

Log out of social media accounts

Social media accounts continue to share the latest notifications, this can affect the battery percentage. Therefore, it is better if you log out of social media accounts such as Instagram and others.

If you're afraid you won't remember your password to log back in, don't worry. Not many know, all social networks (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), put your password. Without having to type a password, they offer a tap button to log in. Voila, you are back online.

Turn Off Unnecessary Radio Signals

Features that allow radio frequency, such as NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi and so on are indeed useful for the convenience of user activities, such as connecting cellphones with wifi and paying using digital money (e-money). However, sometimes users don't remember turning off the feature when it's not needed.

Well, if you let it continue to be active when not in use, these features will drain battery energy. For that, it's a good idea to turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and other connectivity features when not in use.

Don't Leave Apps Running in the Background

Multi-tasking is a term where users run a series of applications simultaneously on their smartphones. This activity makes it easier for users to return to frequently opened applications, without having to restart the application. In terms of battery consumption, multitasking actually consumes battery because applications run on the phone system and memory.

To avoid wasting battery, close applications that are not in use as soon as the user leaves the application. Avoid pressing the home button to return to the main screen of the phone.

Stay away from using Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Using animated wallpaper photos or live wallpapers is quite interesting. But this will increase the use of the processor so that it causes battery energy to continue to be drained. It's the same when using a widget that requires updating information from the internetk cause battery energy is also drained.

For that users can try to use attractive wallpapers that are static and minimize the use of widgets.

Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications

Some applications are generally equipped with the ability to bring data through notifications so that it is easily seen by users, if there really is something important that users need to know. For example, for news updates or just to let you know there is an incoming message.

However, using notifications can drain battery if the user doesn't control which apps can bring data through notifications. For that, turn off some notifications for applications that are not needed by the user. To access notification permissions, users can go to the "Settings" menu on each cell phone and go to the "App notifications" menu or the uniform menu.

Turn off the Automatic Sync Feature

The automatic sync feature is generally useful for checking whether there is new data from applications installed by users, for example to check e-mail regularly or notifications from social networking applications. However, careful checking at this time does drain the battery. For that, users can disable the automatic sync feature in the "Settings" menu on their respective smartphones.

Simple Ways to Save SmartPhone Battery, after doing or applying everything that we have said, hopefully the smartphone battery that you are using will last a long time. Meanwhile, if there are errors or mistakes in our delivery, we are expected to provide suggestions in the comments column. THANKS.