SHAREit For Android Download Latest v6.21.92_ww

SHAREit For Android Download Latest v6.21.92_ww

SHAREit For Android Download Latest v6.21.92_ww is an application that we can use to send and receive files faster than other applications. The SHAREit application we are discussing is developed by the company SHAREit Technologies Co Ltd. They created it so that we can send and receive a file at a speed 200 times faster than using Bluetooth.

If you do a file transfer then the process that will be carried out by this software will make us save time in doing this. In addition, what we receive will not be damaged.

With a fairly high speed, the risk of damage due to the strength of this application in working can also be said to be very small. So you no longer have to worry about data being sent to someone through this software. Because many say that this sending application can send a file perfectly.

To use it, you only need a WiFi connection, we are not required to have internet data when using it. From this point of view, many SHAREit users feel at home with it.

What are the advantages of SHAREit 2023

  • The data transfer process is very fast.
    SHAREit can send files easily and quickly even sending files of only 20 MB, SHAREit can complete the delivery within one second without any damage to the file. No wonder the developers also claim that SHAREit is claimed to be the fastest file transfer application compared to others.

  • Cross-platform support.
    SHAREit is available for various types of operating systems including Android Windows WindowsPhone Mac OS and iOS. By using the SHAREit application you can send data from the Windows operating system to the ones we mentioned above. You could say from one operating system to another.

  • Can be used to send more than one file or folder.
    SHAREit can also be used to send more than one file and folder at the same time without any capacity limitations. Regardless of the size of the file or folder. You want to send SHAREit can still do it perfectly.

  • Wide data exchange radius.
    Can exchange data over a wider distance than using Bluetooth. As long as your WiFi connection can still, be connected between the receiving and sending devices. The transfer process will run normally, but the farther the distance the slower the speed will be.

SHAREit For Android Download Latest Version 2022 In conclusion, SHAREit is a file transfer application that you must consider because people who have used it rely more on speed and ease of use. To download this application, please continue to read this article to the end. So that you do not hesitate when saving this file.

How to Download SHAREIt APK

To install this application, of course, we must get the installation file. The installation file for Android devices is called the APK extension, in contrast to the installation file for Windows computers called the EXE extension.

When you are going to download the apk file, usually Android devices do not recognize this type of application. But that does not mean the file is dangerous or fiery. For more details, you can read our article Understanding APK Files and Their Benefits.

After reading the article we meant earlier, I'm sure you won't hesitate to save files with the APK extension. To download, please click the download button that we have provided below.

SHAREit For Android Download Latest v6.21.92_ww

SHAREit Apk Version 6.21.92_ww Download
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OS: Android
License: Free
Developer: SHAREit

How to Install SHAREit APK Version on Android Smart Phone

Before you do part of the steps for installing the SHAREit apk file on your Android smartphone. Please note you have to set permission to install apps from unknown sources, which we can do in Android settings.

Is this dangerous, the answer is already in our reference article above, that's why I ask you to read the article first. Aims not to hesitate later in installing the SHAREit APK file. Please follow the step by step that we have prepared below.

  • Please open Settings on your Android smartphone.

  • Then select the Safety & privacy menu.

  • Next, allow the installation of unknown applications by clicking the ON button or checking "Unknown sources".

  • The next step is to download the apk file that you want, here I am an example of the SHAREit apk file that you can download above. If there is a notification that this file is dangerous, are you going to save it, just press OK? Actually, the file is not dangerous, but the file is not known and is considered dangerous.

    Note: you can download this apk file through your own smartphone (via browser). If you download the apk file using a computer device. Please move it to your smartphone using a USB cable, BlueTooth, and so on.

  • Open the SHAREit apk file that you downloaded earlier.

  • Then click the Continue installing button.

  • Then select Install.

  • Wait until the installation process is complete. Then select Done.

  • Now you have successfully installed the SHAREit apk file on your Android smartphone and can use this file-sharing application.
Actually, this is another way to install applications on android besides installing directly online in the play store. Many choose to use how to install applications on Android using an apk file, not without reason.

Some use this apk file for installation because the smartphones they use sometimes don't have the Play Store. There are also those who use this method because the apk file can still be used at a later time, or sent to friends who need it.

How to send files from an Android smartphone to another android using the SHAREit application

Here I have assumed that you have installed the SHAREit application on both the sending device and the receiving device. If not, please install it first, for the installation file we have provided the download link above. And for those who have installed it, just follow the steps below.

  1. Open SHAREit on both sending android smartphones.

  2. If the question appears Allow SHAREit to Turn Wifi On/Off? Just choose Allow.

  3. On the recipient's cellphone there will be a "waiting for sender" status.

  4. Open SHAREit on the sender's android, and once open, if there is a question Allow SHAREit to Enable/Disable Wifi? like on the recipient's android smartphone earlier, just select allow.

    Note: If a warning appears "Location service is not active, it may fail to find the recipient, please click SET. Then slide the Location service button to be active to green.

  5. After that return to the SHAREit home page on the sending android smartphone.

  6. Click the Submit button.

  7. After that, select what file you want to send by clicking on it. And once selected, press the SEND button to start sending.

  8. And there will be a "looking for recipient" status on the sender's cellphone

  9. If found, please press the recipient that appears.

  10. Next, you will see the delivery process, and wait for it to finish.

When you have finished sending, please close the SHAREit application, and turn off the wifi on your cellphone, if it is still active and not used for other purposes. if anyone wants to know more than what I have written in this article, please read HOW TO USE SHAREit AND ITS FEATURES.

Finally, if one of your friends has not used the SHAREit application. And you want to install it, you can directly send the downloaded file at the link we provide using the BlueTooth feature, in the shareit application. For more details read our article How to Transfer Files with SHAREit Through the Bluetooth Feature.  We hope that the article we share will help you with the problems you are currently facing. Good luck.