Lock Important Apps on Android with LOCKit

Lock Important Apps on Android with LOCKit
Lock Important Apps on Android with LOCKit

Lock Important Apps on Android with LOCKit, have you ever sent the wrong message or has something happened to your android device? And all that is not because of your mistake, but someone else borrowed your android and used it wrong.

If you have experienced the above problems, for example, send an SMS to someone you don't know, but the number is on your cellphone. This can happen because I have exchanged cellphones, and there are several friends' numbers that have not been deleted, yes, one of them is the person who was sent an SMS.

So what we need to do is take precautions. So that anyone who borrows our android smartphone, can't open applications that we don't allow. Let's just say here we will lock the messenger application so that it cannot be opened by others.

To lock the message application, we can use the application in the play store. And what we recommend here is LOCKit. This application was also developed by the developer SHAREit app, I'm sure you are familiar with the application I mean.

Lock Important Apps on Android with LOCKit

This application can lock applications installed on your Android smartphone. Some of the suggested ones are WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS messages, contacts, gallery, and email.

Why do I suggest that, because the application I mentioned above certainly has messages that only we should know about?

In addition to the reason to avoid other people using our cellphones, maybe there are also those who need to lock their cellphones to maintain privacy. If you have the latter motive, then one advantage of this LOCKit application can be considered. Intruder Selfie feature.

So, if someone tries to open the application that we lock, then we will get a photo of that person. In this menu, we can set the number of times the wrong password is entered to get the intruder's photo, starting from once, 2 times, 3 times, or 5 times.

To find out the results, you can try setting once incorrectly, then entering the correct one. And apparently, there was a notification that earlier at that hour someone tried to open our application. The good thing is, here there is no sign of the camera on, so the intruder doesn't know that his face has been recorded.

Maybe someone is afraid, what if we ourselves forget the password? Relax, there are security questions to choose from. Such as entering the name of father, mother, favorite movie, date/birthday, pet name, dream job, or the city where our parents live.

I remind you that every security question you enter must be appropriate when setting it up. If not most likely can not be opened again. Maybe you can try deleting the LOCKit app.

Keep in mind, this can be done as long as we don't enable the app's "uninstallation prevention" setting. So before making very strict settings, first pay attention to every security feature that is provided, then adjust it to your brother.

Lock Important Apps on Android with LOCKit, good luck, hopefully with this article the problems experienced are resolved properly. If you need an application made by USHAREit, click the "ushareit.com" link