LISTENit Best Music Player for Android Offered by USHARit

LISTENit Best Music Player for Android Offered by USHARit
LISTENit Best Music Player for Android Offered by USHARit

LISTENit Best Music Player for Android Offered by USHARit. Music has now become a part of our lives. From teenagers to old people also like to listen to it. Everyone likes to listen to music for different reasons, the genres also vary from dangdut, pop, rock, to religious music.

As technology develops, listening to music has become easier. You don't have to wait for your favorite song to be played on the radio, or play it over and over again via a tape or DVD player.

But now we can easily play music via smartphones. A few decades ago, listening to music was quite enjoyable using a feature phone. Although the features are limited, they are sufficient to fulfill our thirst for music entertainment.

And now after the emergence of the smartphone era with various operating systems from iOS, Android, to Windows Phone. Developers are also competing to create music player applications with more diverse features and a more attractive appearance.

As an Android user, of course, you have also tried various music player applications that can be downloaded for free on the Playstore. There are so many features on offer. But it's a shame that some applications are quite heavy to run and burden the performance of phones that have small RAM capacities.

But after trying a lot of music players, and nothing that makes you satisfied. So here I recommend an application that not only offers a variety of features and a beautiful appearance.

With the application size that is not so large, it makes its performance feel light and can run optimally on Android smartphone devices with even small RAM.

The music player software I mean here is LISTENit, this also includes software developed by USHAREit. If you have ever used the SHAREit App as a file sending application. Then this is his brother or the same developer as the SHAREit software.

LISTENit Best Music Player for Android Offered by USHARit

Maybe you are already familiar with the ShareIt file sharing application? yes, ListenIt is an application also developed by ShareIt Technologies Co.Ltd.

This music player software has a fairly simple interface with several customization features that pamper users. You will feel what I say, of course when using it.

There is also a volume booster that allows our phone's audio to sound a little louder. The equalizer is also here for those who like to adjust their audio settings.

LISTENit features you'll love:

  • Support BBM (Songs currently playing can appear in BBM status).
  • Can display lyrics (Lyrics file must be in .lrc format).
  • There is a choice of theme colors.
  • Volume Booster.
  • Equalizer.
  • Mp3 Tag and Album Art Editor (Allows us to change song information, from title, album, to album art).
  • Can play songs by folder.
  • Timer (We can set the time when the music player will stop).
  • Can cut songs into ringtones.
  • Regular updates.
  • Support streaming songs

LISTENit Best Music Player for Android Offered by USHARit, try to install and use the application that I review here. I'm sure you will like it, after trying it and it doesn't match your needs, we apologize because our needs are not the same. THANK YOU.