Important News for Users of The SHAREit File Sharing App

Important News for Users of The SHAREit File Sharing App

Important News for Users of The SHAREit File Sharing App. Cybersecurity company Trend Micro analysts, they have recently reported that they found several vulnerabilities in the Shareit application that we use, especially for smartphone devices. The vulnerability can reportedly be abused to leak user data. This may be related to user privacy.

According to him, this problem will only affect users of Android smartphone devices. While on iOS devices, this vulnerability has no effect, due to differences in the shareit codebase running on iOS devices.

This problem was immediately responded to by the software developer Shareit. Based on his written statement, Shareit explained that it was aware of this. Roughly their statement is below.

“We, the developers of the Shareit application, are aware of reports from Trend Micro regarding potential security vulnerabilities in our application. That's why we immediately worked quickly to investigate this report. And on 19 February 2021, we have released a patch to address the mentioned potential vulnerabilities,” Shareit wrote, Saturday (20/02/21).

Well, for those who have heard of news like I mentioned above, you should not immediately move to another file sending application. Because as we read from the statement from the developers of Shareit, they have fixed this in the latest patch. So please update your Shareit application to the latest version.

SHAREit for Android Latest Version

In addition to the quote that I have written above, they (the developer of Shareit) continue their statement that. Their application is a file-sharing platform, including content and gaming providers. Since it was first founded, billions of users have trusted Shareit to share each of their files to their destination.

He continued that the users of our application are the most important thing or we prioritize. So that it is emphasized that it will always take a stand to protect the security and privacy of each user. Not only that, the development or improvement of each version carried out aims to strengthen the security in it.

Important News for Users of The SHAREit File Sharing App

For the readers of this article, who are still loyal and believe in using the SHAREit application on their devices. Please check the latest update release of this file-sharing application Download SHAREit Free. And if there is an error in our submission in this article, please give a warning via the "THANK YOU" comment column.