How to Remove a Google Account from Smart Phone Android

How to Remove a Google Account from Smart Phone Android

How to Remove a Google Account from Smart Phone Android

How to Remove a Google Account from Smart Phone Android, There are many reasons for every android Smartphone user to change the Gmail account attached to the device. Even for some want to delete Gmail that was once registered to add a new one.

This incident usually happens when we buy a used smartphone, which must have been listed using the owner's Gmail. And we as the new owners want to remove it and replace it with our own.

Readers need to know as well when we log out of Gmail account on their own smartphone. The account still exists. You can still access it through a web browser, or we can still reconnect on the smartphone in question.

However, readers will lose access to apps and some content that readers purchased through the Google Play Store when readers log out of their Gmail account on their smartphones. you'll also lose access to email, contacts, photos, calendars, and any other account data that are still associated with that Gmail account.

So consider first before you do, if you are sure to delete it. Please continue to read this article to the end.

To remove this Gmail from our device is actually legal and the method is not difficult. But there are some of us who have difficulty doing so. For proof, a lot of people are doing research on this issue.

For that here we will discuss how to delete Gmail on android.

How to Delete a Gmail account on an Android smartphone you can actually do safely, quickly, and easily. However, for some new users who use Android Smartphones. Surely some people still don't know how to delete a Google or Gmail account.

Note: "So the purpose of deleting here, means we only delete account-related access only, from the Android smartphone device we are using. The method below can be applied to several types or brands of Android smartphones. Such as: Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi , Oppo, Vivo and so on ".

Here's a tutorial on deleting a Gmail account on android:

  1. How to Delete Gmail Account on Android Smart Phone.
    • The first step is to open the Settings menu on your Android smartphone.
    • Next, the reader selects Accounts and Backup.
    • Then select Accounts.
    • If the reader has more than 1 or more Gmail accounts.
    • You can select one of the Gmail accounts, which you want to delete (access) on the reader's Android smartphone.
    • After that, the reader just selects the Remove account> button and then in the confirmation window, the reader selects Remove account again.

  2. How to Delete a Gmail Account Remotely.
    If the reader has lost an Android device or sold it to someone else. You can still delete a connected Google (Gmail) account, with the device remotely, or remotely via a PC / Laptop. Here's how:
    • Visit the Google account website.
    • Next on the left select Security.
    • Then we scroll down and select Manage devices.
    • Then select the Android device you are currently using.
    • Next, select or click the Sign out button.
    • Then in the confirmation window select Sign Out again.

Technically, this method is used only to log out of your Google account from an Android device. So to completely delete the connected Google account on the smartphone. You have to use the first method. If the problem is that the android has been sold, you have to find the buyer.

How to Remove a Google Account from Smart Phone Android, this is the way we know if there is another way that the reader thinks is more efficient. We hope you write it in the comments box, which we will add to this article later. THANK YOU, may our article help solve the problem you are facing.

How to Remove a Google Account from Smart Phone Android