How to Overcome Slow and Fast Hot Phones

How to Overcome Slow and Fast Hot Phones

How to Overcome Slow and Fast Hot Phones

How to Overcome Slow and Fast Hot Phones. Have you ever experienced unpleasant things that happened to the android device you are using? For example, suddenly the performance slows down? or heat quickly?.

All of this happened not because the smartphone used was outdated. There seems to be something wrong with the use and operating system of the smartphone. Android devices are increasingly slowing down when they are used for chatting or other things.

The result is that when we use a cellphone the response becomes very slow. It usually starts to heat up on its own, and what's even worse, it can hang on the devices we use.

Mobile gamers who use smartphones with high specifications, they can also experience problems as I mentioned above. From there, that's why I dare to conclude, this problem is not only an influence on smartphone specifications.

Many have misunderstood the slow android smartphone, most people are looking for various android applications to speed up the performance of their smartphone, even though it can actually make the slowness worse.

But it also depends on usage, for example, you use "games booster". This application does help, by stopping applications that are running in the android background. When we turn it off, the smartphone's performance will return to normal.

Meanwhile, installing an application to overcome a slow and hot smartphone is not the best solution. You need to know that third-party applications are only helpers for managing files. Usually only suggest deleting applications on Android smartphones so that they run optimally. Your Android smartphone will still feel light and fast if we really know the condition of the smartphone.

The cause of the smartphone being slow, hot, and feels slow, causing lag problems and hangs from time to time. That's all because the condition of the internal memory storage on the smartphone is full and too many useless applications are installed.

What I mean here, is not that the application is useless, but the application that you have installed is never used. For example, on Android, there is already a WhatsApp chat application. For some reason, you have to install Telegram Messenger, but once one of those apps is unused, you don't delete it.

That's just an example, there are many other incidents, such as installing games. After playing and finding it uncomfortable, the brother decided not to play it anymore. Then look for other games, the result is that the smartphone's internal memory will be full by itself.

It's not just a matter of stacking applications, some are activating widgets, aiming to make it easier or beautify the appearance. But did you know that excessive use of widgets will also slow down our smartphone performance?

How to Overcome Slow and Fast Hot Phones

Here's how to fix it if your smartphone is slow and gets hot quickly. So how to deal with a slow and hot smartphone, in general, is very simple, try to do the 3 things we have written below:

Internal Memory Has Free Space

Use the Android smartphone's internal memory as well as possible, if the smartphone's internal memory is small, it is required to have external memory.

Because the internal memory is small, we can only use it for application data storage. While personal data such as photos, videos, and all files that are not connected to the Android system can be moved to external memory. As a result, the internal memory will not run out of space.

If your smartphone does not have an external memory slot. The solution is not to save a lot of photos, videos, and music, or you can use an online storage system or move it to a Flashdisk, Computer, or Laptop so it doesn't get lost. That way the internal storage capacity of your smartphone will be bigger.

Don't Install Unimportant Apps

As I have discussed above, if you feel your Android smartphone has a large internal memory. Don't just install applications, use them wisely, don't install various unnecessary applications.

There are even hundreds of applications installed, but not used at all. My advice, it's better to just delete it so we can feel the performance of a good smartphone.

Why do we say that, because even expensive smartphones have no power if you install various kinds of unnecessary applications? Worse yet, dozens of these applications are always active behind the scenes alias in the system. It is certain that the smartphone that you are using will feel slow, the longer it gets slower, and more likely it will hang.

If you feel your smartphone is starting to slow down, please delete some applications and other heavy games. Next clear cache then restarting the performance of your smartphone will return to normal.

Or you can use an Android anti-virus application or smartphone cooler that you can download such as DU Battery Saver, Cooling Master, Clean Master, CLEANit, and many other applications.

Android smartphone widget makes it slow

Use appropriate widgets, such as weather and clock widgets only. In terms of screen appearance, widgets can change the appearance for the better, especially when combined with themes and wallpapers.

But you need to remember not to install too many widgets on your smartphone screen. Because most widgets can cause smartphone batteries to be more wasteful and smartphone performance to be slower.

How to Overcome Slow and Fast Hot Phones, is already proven to be effective. because everything is in accordance with smartphone capacity standards. If your smartphone is still slow, there is a possibility that the hardware is starting to break and work abnormally.

Or maybe it's the smartphone specifications that no longer support the operating system. Because many applications today that already recommend the android version 5.0 and above. But if we still insist on installing it, then leg, overheating, and hang events will occur on the smartphone that we use.

Our last suggestion, if the smartphone system version is no longer supported, you should replace it with the latest version or higher than before.