How To Move All Apps From Old Android To New

How To Move All Apps From Old Android To New
How To Move All Apps From Old Android To New

How To Move All Apps From Old Android To New, have you recently bought or changed your smartphone to a new one? Of course, you want all the data on your old smartphone to be transferred to your new smartphone, right? including moving all the applications that are in it.

This is done to save time, data quota and ensure that the data remains safe.

The reason is, instead of re-downloading all applications which of course require a lot of internet quota, moving applications from your old smartphone to a new device can be the solution.

Especially for Android smartphone users, how to move all these applications you can easily.

In fact, for certain brands, such as Samsung, have provided a feature called smart switch mobile, wherewith the help of this application users can easily move applications from old Samsung smartphones to new Samsung Android smartphones.

However, if you use another smartphone brand or brand that has not been equipped with this feature, or you want to move the application from a Samsung smartphone to another smartphone brand, then we need the help of a third-party application to do this.

How To Move All Apps From Old Android To New

To help the process of "moving house" all applications from your old device to your new device, here we need the help of an application called CLONEit.

This application is free, and you can download it via the Google Play Store. For the steps, please follow the following guide:

  • First, please download the CLONEit application first, then install it on both of your cellphones, both old and new.

  • Next, open the application on both smartphones. Make sure you have given application permissions first.

  • When the application is open, for your old Android smartphone, set it as the sender. Meanwhile, for your new android smartphone, set it as the receiving device.

  • Then the system from the application will detect the device in use. When it is connected, the screen display of the smartphone that sent your brother displays a folder containing applications, contacts, music, videos, and all the data on the old smartphone.

  • Please tick which folder to move, then press the start button.

  • Wait until the application file submission process is complete. The length of the process depends on the number of applications or data sent.

How To Move All Apps From Old Android To New, when everything has been sent, you can uninstall the application or leave it alone. Thus information on how to move all applications, data, contacts, or other files from an old Android device to a new one.

This method is quite effective and efficient compared to having to move applications one by one.

Good luck.