How to Make a Moving Lockscreen on Android

How to Make a Moving Lockscreen on Android

How to Make a Moving Lockscreen on Android

How to Make a Moving Lockscreen on an Android smartphone, in fact, we can do all of that very easily and also doesn't take a long time. Making changes or beautifying the front appearance of an Android smartphone is often done by all its users.

There are many reasons for those who make a beautiful or attractive appearance on the Android screen. Although almost all android users know that activating or making the lock screen move can eat up the ram and battery of the android that we use.

However, many ignore this problem and choose to beautify their android. Most are bored with the look of the lock screen wallpaper that is just like that. And want to make the lock screen look with our own style.

But even so, some of us must have not understood how to make it. Therefore, here we will share a simple way to do it.

Please follow the steps to Create a Moving Lockscreen on Android that we have prepared below.

How to make a Lockscreen Video Wallpaper on an Android smartphone

Actually, the moving lock screen that we will discuss here, applies to all types of Android smartphones. Be it the Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Realme, Vivio brands, and so on. Alright, let's get straight to the tutorial.

  1. The first thing you have to do first is, open the Google Play Store, in the search box type Video Live Wallpaper and click install. Wait until the installation is complete.
  2. If the installation is perfect, you can run the Video Live Wallpaper application.
  3. Video Live Wallpaper
  4. Next, click or select the "Choose video" menu.
  5. Make sure we have allowed the Video Live Wallpaper application to access media files on our smartphone devices > by selecting Allow. And this must be done to be able to continue this tutorial.
  6. Next, we first select the video that we want to display moving on the lock screen and home screen of Android.
  7. Then select or click Set wallpaper.
  8. Then select the Set wallpaper button again.
  9. In the Set wallpaper window, we select Home screen and lock screen.

Well, later we will see moving videos on the home screen and lock screen, as you are seeing on Android devices now.

How to Make a Moving Lockscreen on Android, this is the way we share the results of our study if you have another way to make it. Please include it in the comments column, later we will lift it as an additional article here. THANK YOU.