Download SHAREit Free For Windows 10 64 Bit

SHAREit is a software to share files between tablet, laptop, PC and phone using wifi technology. With SHAREit for Windows 10, files and folders can be transferred between all these devices without the data cable, without the internet and without bluetooth. Operating system support includes Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Download SHAREit for windows 10 64 bit

Although SHAREit widely used not only because it is free but also because of the incredible transfer speed. The speed is much higher and faster than data transfer is done through bluetooth.

In some ways the speed can be down but usually such a situation occurs not because the Application SHAREit is problematic, but also caused by the distance between the first device with a second device that is far enough, it could also be caused by too many wifi signals in Your location, or perhaps also because too many using the same wifi network.

The features and Advantages of SHAREit

In addition to fast, SHAREit for windows 10 also easy to use. Once installed, you only need to run it to create a hotspot and then waiting for connections from other devices, for example mobile phones. After you confirm the connection, sending files can be started immediately. In this case you can send files from phone to PC or vice versa. To resolve connection problems that may occur between PC and Android, SHAREit provides three methods to connect the two devices.

The first way is you have to make a hotspot in the computer through the Application SHAREit. You don't need to bother because this hotspot will be created automatically by the application SHAREit. After that, SHAREit on your Smart Phone to detect the hotspot a new one created. Then you can menghubukan the second device and start sending the file that you want to share..

The second method is to create a hotspot in Android. Manufacturing is almost the same as above. This way also allows you to send files from Smart Phone to Computer. The Next way is by using QR codes. In this way, the Smart Phone is used to scan a QR code provided by the App SHAREit. Then You can specify which devices You want to set as a hotspot.

If you often share files and folders with the same device, the device can be inserted into the list of Trusted devices in SHAREit. The purpose of such is You no longer need to bother to confirm any times to share files with other devices. Regarding the file that we want to share with no restrictions. You can transfer any file type you like, whether it's video, music, pictures, documents and other. You can also send unlimited number of files in a single transfer. Even the size of the files you want to share is also not limited. interesting not with the Application Shareit for windows.

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