Download SHAREit For Samsung Latest Version

Download SHAREit For Samsung Latest Version

Download SHAREit For Samsung Latest Version

Download SHAREit For Samsung Latest Version, For friends of shareit users, this time we will share the download link for this very powerful file sharing application for Samsung smartphones. Actually, we can get this application from the google play store. But here I will share a direct link to

The name Samsung is no longer foreign to the world community. This is because the South Korean company has recorded significant sales of its smartphone products worldwide. Samsung even sells other products such as TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners (AC).

In the 2000s Samsung began to give birth to the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones, which became the best-selling smartphones in the world. After that, Samsung began to produce various other electronic equipment such as the Galaxy Tab tablet.

Nowadays, there are a lot of smartphone users who use Samsung with Android operation. Although there are many types of smartphones today. Samsung is no less famous, besides the quality, Samsung also has products that can be obtained by the middle class.

SHAREit Review

As we know, the main function of this application is file sharing, both for receiving and sending. But many of us only know that the advantages of this application are in the delivery process which is very easy, safe and the transfer speed is very impressive. And what most people or users like, this application is free.

but apart from that, SHAREit has very unique and entertaining features, such as games, music, videos, news, entertainment, and more. For certainty, you can open the application directly and see what features can be used.

Here I will explain some of the features of the Shareit application, which users rarely use. Maybe some users don't know about this feature, so consider some of the feature points that we will provide below.


The CLEANit feature is a garbage cleaning feature that is already in the SHAREit application, with the CLEANit feature your smartphone can detect the presence of junk files such as:

  • Ad files are files that are usually carried by applications that have ads, so if you delete the application sometimes there are still ad files that are still attached to your smartphone.

  • Apk files are files that are usually used to install applications or games and the Apk cannot be deleted automatically or maybe you forgot to delete it.

  • An empty folder is a folder that is usually a folder from a game or application that has been deleted and only leaves an empty folder.

  • Thumbnails or thumbnail images are images that are reduced from the original image. These images are usually in the thumbnails folder, and if the original image is deleted sometimes the thumbnail or thumbnail image is still not deleted. And you can delete it via SHAREit, or you can delete it manually by looking for the thumbnail folder through the file manager application and then deleting it.

Can Analyze Storage Space

This second SHAREit feature for me personally is very useful. One of them is from my experience when the external and internal memory is full, I don't know the cause. Even though I've checked the video files, music or pictures or photos are normal.

After I used the feature of SHAREit, which is Analyzing Space, it turned out that there were several Video files with inappropriate formats, and at that time the files were very large.

Functions of the Space Analyzing Feature include:

  • Can detect large files even if the file format is not properly, which is not readable in the smartphone Gallery. For example, the video format, which is usually 3gp, mp4 or mkv, becomes a com format or something else.

  • Can detect screenshots or screenshots.

  • Can detect duplicate photos, music, and videos, that is we can delete junk files or duplicate files.

  • Can manage apk files, which can detect where the Apk file is stored in any folder located.

  • Can manage all applications, with this feature we can manage all applications installed on our favorite Smartphone so that the RAM settings will be better.

Video Player

With the Video Player feature in the SHAREit application, we can make this application a video player. We can directly play the video file after receiving the video file without opening another video player application.


This one feature that many SHAREit users may not know about, namely WebShare.

WebShare is file sharing without installation, i.e. the recipient does not need to install the SHAREit application. Usually, this method is done when sharing with a PC, but it can also be done by a smartphone.

Share In Group

With this last feature, we can create groups to share files. First, create a group, and then your friends can join to share files.

Those are some of the features in the SHAREit application which we rarely use. For example, many have installed other cleaning applications, even though in this shareit application CLENEit has been provided.

Download SHAREit For Samsung Latest Version, You can choose the download link below. If you want to get the apk file, you can click the download button. But if you want to get it directly from the galaxy store, please VISIT STORE.

Download SHAREit For Samsung Latest Version

OS: Android
License: Free
Developer: SHAREit

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