SHAREit Reviews About Advantages and Disadvantages

SHAREit Reviews About Advantages and Disadvantages

SHAREit Reviews About Advantages and Disadvantages. SHAREit is an application developed by the company LENOVO which is currently more popular in the world. SHAREit is one of the apps in the settings by default on some devices brand Lenovo such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. When the Application SHAREit is designed for all multi-platforms such as Android, Windows, Windows Phone, macOS, iOS, and others.

App SHAREit is an application that facilitates us to transfer files and receive files like, Photo, videos, Documents, Applications, and Other files that are on your smart device. this app is designed as a replacement for Bluetooth, with transfer speeds 200 times faster than a built-in Bluetooth device. Because the application SHAREit has a transfer speed of 20 Megabytes/Sec. This app also has a speed of transfer is fast compared to copying files from computer to flash.

SHAREit has features that are very interesting to share with our close friends. 

What are its features:

  • Group Share, 
  • WebShare, 
  • Share Zone, 
  • Presentation Controller, 
  • WebShare, 
  • Share Zone, 
  • Presentation Controller, 
  • Play To, 
  • Duplicate File Manager 
  • Remote View.
Very complete app SHAREit. so for those of you who are interested in this application, you can download the application on the link we have provided below.

Advantages and disadvantages the results of our survey on the Application SHAREit among the other ie.

The advantages of the Shareit application

With all the positive things that Shareit has to offer, what are the advantages of this application? Shareit has many advantages which we will explain below specifically for you.

  • Data transfer speed:
    We know that Shareit is an application that has very fast data transfer. Some even say if the data transfer reaches 20 MB per second. This is of course very useful and maybe the only fast data transfer application.

  • Can send a variety of files:
    Shareit can also be used to send a variety of files. You can send photos, videos, songs, animations, and more using Shareit.

  • No limit of files sent:
    By using Shareit, you will not be limited to the number of files you can send. That is, no matter how many files you have and how many files you send, it doesn't matter when you use Shareit.

  • No internet quota:
    As we have explained that when using Shareit, you don't have to be connected to the internet. This means that even if you are not turning on your internet data package, you can still use Shareit. Of course, this advantage will be very useful for you.

  • Can be used on all OS:
    Shareit already supports various operating systems. Those of you who use Android, iOS, or Windows Phone can still use Shareit. The most important thing is that your device supports this one application.

  • Can be used on all devices:
    Shareit can be used to send files between smartphones or between cellphones to a PC or laptop. This advantage is very useful where you no longer need to send data using a USB cable.

  • Can send files to 5 devices at once:
    Using Shareit, you can directly send your files to 5 devices simultaneously.

Lack of Shareit

Then what are the shortcomings of Shareit that we may rarely realize? give now, we already have information regarding what are the points that are the shortcomings of the application.

  • Shareit is an application that you cannot use to send data via SMS or E-mail.
  • Shareit is an application that can only be used when both devices have this application.
  • Shareit cannot be used to send to more than 5 people at the same time.
  • Shareit cannot be used to transmit data when the distance between the receiver and sender is more than 10 meters.
  • Shareit is also prone to viruses, so everyone who uses Shareit must be careful, especially if the device has important information related to personal data and workplace or company biodata.

The disadvantages of this application are not a problem when we compare it with all the advantages that we can use for free.

Hopefully, our explanation above can make it easier for you in deciding to use SHAREit. If our explanation contradicts what is actually, please provide suggestions for improving this article in the comments column.

Good Luck.

SHAREit Reviews About Advantages and Disadvantages